More Unexpected Convergence: Printing From Your TV

from the what-else-can-we-mix... dept

The folks who think that it’s weird to mix a camera and a phone will love this one. Epson is jumping on the convergence bandwagon with a plan to turn your TV into a printer. The idea is to have printable data sent with TV programming. For example, if you’re watching a commercial and are interested in the product, you could immediately print out a catalog. Of course, I imagine that shows like The Daily Show might have a blast with the possibilities of this kind of technology.

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Comments on “More Unexpected Convergence: Printing From Your TV”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

As long as the “printer” device remains COMPLETELY under the user’s control this might be cool.

However if there are “workarounds” or backdoors kept around by media companies to force print outs “only in certain circumstances” than the flood of marketting print will make the current deforestation efforts look like mowing the lawn on saturday morning. I mean we ALL know what paragon of self-restraint marketters are right?

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