WiFi In Yosemite?

I recently went camping and hiking in Yosemite, and actually thought one of the nice things was that my mobile phone didn’t work anywhere near the place. Apparently, though, some people want to be able to surf the web from the top of Half Dome, so they’ve installed WiFi in Yosemite. From the press release, it’s not entirely clear what’s parts are covered (yes, I am joking about Half Dome… I think). If anything, it appears the WiFi is designed for folks in the RV park area, which makes a bit more sense. The other odd thing about the announcement is how much they focus on the fact that the special antennas used have “tree penetrating qualities.” Who knew that trees were such a problem for WiFi? Obviously, lots of things can obstruct a WiFi signal, but it just seems odd to worry about trees blocking your internet connection.

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