Google Bans Itself… Briefly

from the whooops dept

Ever since announcing the details of their IPO, Google has not had the best week. That same day they came under something of a denial of service attack by the MyDoom virus, lots of analysts seem to have reacted badly to their IPO plans, and then, last night, it appears for a while they accidentally removed themselves from their own index. According to Google, Google did not exist for about nine hours, after which it returned. Perhaps in their latest attempt to weed out link spammers… they caught themselves?

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Comments on “Google Bans Itself… Briefly”

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1 Comment
yep says:

google's new strategy is flawed

They are basing relevance on links instead of content. When we search, we search for content and want all pages that have that content. We dont want what other people think is popular. We want a straight search for content. Popularity is a stupid and completely opposite to relevance idea.

Their new strategy of doing everything for the user behind the user’s back and deciding what the user really wants to see is what everyone else is looking for only results in hiding the real data and serving up…more ads.

That real data is still out there, only, thanks to google, it is now invisible and unreachable.

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