Japan Looking At Taxing WiFi

from the just-like-Florida dept

Joining Florida as a government that is looking for ways to attach a tax to any random technology to make a little extra money, the Japanese government is now discussing a tax on WiFi networks. As you may recall, the state of Florida has been considering something similar for quite some time. Unlike the Florida plan, which was designed solely to find new revenue for the state, the Japanese plan seems to be to protect big businesses that shelled out cash for licensed spectrum. The idea to tax WiFi is to “make things fair” in the unlicensed spectrum arena. In other words, the Japanese government has just come up with a plan to kill part of the reason unlicensed spectrum exists, and why it’s been so successful. As the article notes, the bill won’t be introduced for some time, and there’s likely to be a bit of backlash, so it may never get anywhere. Still, you have to wonder what goes through the minds of people who come up with these types of ideas.

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Comments on “Japan Looking At Taxing WiFi”

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alternatives says:

Re: Re: Social costs of wifi

You can’t be serious.

Havn’t you figured it out yet? Dorpus says stupid stuff here to be a troll.

In the Microsoft buys Lindows thread, you can see how Dorpus is unable to read, but is able to comment. It used to be if challenged, Dorpus would shut up for 2-4 months at a time. Now, it just keeps posting the crap.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Re: Social costs of wifi

>In the Microsoft buys Lindows thread, you can see how Dorpus is unable to read, but is able to comment.

No, other people had poor reading comprehension skills. I did not claim Microsoft developing Linux to be a good or bad thing, or even that Microsoft intends to develop Linux, as some people assumed. I chose not to answer the non sequitur questions.

>For example, highways are used by everyone and built by the state, therefore, it’s not ours to use for free.

The state owns radio bands and either auctions off user rights or gives licenses. It is not free for public use either. People can and do receive severe penalties for illegal radio broadcasts, especially on military or law enforcement frequencies.

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