T-Mobile UK Discovers Bundling, Flat-Rates

from the wonders-never-cease dept

Could the wireless carriers in the UK finally be understanding pricing and competitive issues? It would be a shock if it were true, but there’s more evidence coming out every day. Last week we noted that Vodafone was basically giving away a 3G datacard to anyone who wanted to subscribe to their 3G wireless service. Today comes the news that T-Mobile in the UK (stealing thunder from Orange UK’s 3G announcement) announced their own 3G offering that not only is cheaper than competitors but also provides unlimited data and unlimited use of T-Mobile WiFi hotspots. In other words, they’re realizing that they don’t need to nickel and dime people, especially when encouraging them to sign up for a new service where the benefits may not be clear to everyone who doesn’t work at a mobile carrier. Instead, they’re offering additional services and no annoying (and hard to monitor) limitations. It’s still quite possible they’ll muck this one up, and T-Mobile still does seem to believe that for-free WiFi has a place, but it’s certainly a good start.

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Comments on “T-Mobile UK Discovers Bundling, Flat-Rates”

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1 Comment
Chomper says:

No Subject Given

Geez, finally someone woke up. Now if they could just get the damn MBA’s in the country to realize the same thing. Nickel and diming customers for WIFI access at hotspots like Borders and Starbucks is the dumbest idea on the planet. I refuse to buy time that isn’t transferable month to month, on top of that, I’m not at a Starbucks or Borders everyday to use the damn service.

The US needs to catch up on this. We are one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world with the slowest moving progress in consumer products.

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