When Your Computer Will Reboot For You

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Self-healing or autonomic computing concepts aren’t new. Mostly popularized by IBM starting a few years ago, research has continued in many different places in both the public and private sectors. In fact, the research efforts are increasing rapidly as people realize just how expensive computer failures are. While most efforts are still quite early on, it’s clear that, rather than just trying to prevent computer problems altogether, a growing number of people are coming to terms with the fact that it’s nearly impossible to build a computer system that won’t have something go wrong. Thus, it may be a much more efficient route to build systems that quickly correct themselves, rather than those that never have any problems at all.

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Comments on “When Your Computer Will Reboot For You”

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1 Comment
Precision Blogger (user link) says:

Bad Apps with a Good OS is the solution

The best way for a computer to repair itself is to kill the one piece of code that is scrwing up.

I believe it has been known for many years that the right solution to this problem is: A rugged operating system very unlikely to fail, plus rigid separation of programs, such that when one program or process fails, it is relatively unlikely to crash the whole computer or a lot of other processes.

Systems like UNIX do a relatively good job of segregating the trusted kernel and its critical files from relatively untested code. Users pay penalties in the form of less CPU power and more complex file access administration.

Windows, in its desire to integrate all applications and offer game-machine-like CPU power, compromises access to trusty software (this is WELL KNOWN) and does not haev adequate control over who can change critical files and settings.

– The Precision Blogger

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