Publishing Companies Discovering That The Market Can Change

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It’s not just the music and movie industries that seem to have a hard time dealing with the internet. Book publishers are now freaking out that sells used books alongside new books, and suggests this is the “Napster of the book industry” even if nothing illegal is happening. An Amazon representative points out their worries are overblown. Indeed, many more people are buying used books, but they’re often doing so to experiment with and discover new authors or genres — which leads to them buying even more new books. Either way, the industry has framed the issue incorrectly, calling it a “problem,” rather than looking at how it could be an opportunity. They also don’t seem to believe that (just as with the music industry) one reason why sales may be down is that people have many more options (surfing the web, playing video games, watching TV, going for a walk, etc.) than just sitting around and reading a book. Perhaps it’s more of a marketing problem than anything else.

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Comments on “Publishing Companies Discovering That The Market Can Change”

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dorpus says:

Typical Techie Attitudes

IT Techies have this attitude that the rest of the world has to change on techie terms, because they somehow “deserve” the punishment. Could it be that such attitudes sow the seeds of reprisal, and comes back to bite techies later? No, techies don’t comprehend such bigger pictures. 😉

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Don’t believe it’s either a problem or an opportunity. Just a fact. The used purchase (both books and CDs) are a fact of life and pretty much the only way I’ll buy either these days. If the music industry wants to see why I’m buying less CDs, they’ll find I’m not. I’m just buying about 98% of them used. As for books … I’ve rediscovered my town library and now have a great venue for sampling old and new authors at the right price … notta.

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