Fakesters Are Okay If They're Paying…

from the getting-desperate dept

As the whole Friendster phenomenon seems to be dying out as people find other random social networks (or something entirely different) to fill their spare time, it appears Friendster is getting desperate to come up with some way to justify the somewhat ridiculous valuation they received when the VCs came crawling. There was a big fuss among some last year when Friendster started deleting “fakester” profiles of random famous or imaginary people, claiming that such profiles had no place on the site. Well, now it turns out that they do have a place on the site if it’s a big movie company paying to make sure they have a place on the site. At least that seems to be the explanation of why Friendster is now allowing fake profiles for characters in a new Disney movie. Of course, unlike the original fakesters, which were often fun, this will come off as clear, blatant advertising, and probably won’t interest too many people.

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