Googles Sues Google

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It’s funny how all the lawsuits against Google just so happen to appear right before their IPO. The website just shot up their traffic numbers by a ridiculous amount for their stories and games for young children about an alien named Googles, by suing Google for trademark infringement. It turns out that Googles (the alien/children folks) got a trademark for the name related to children’s books and toys in 1997, pre-dating Google by about a year. This wasn’t a real problem until Google decided to go public… er… start offering shopping searches on their Froogle website that offered links to children’s toys, games and books. The folks behind Googles’ say they would be happy as long as pointed to their site any time anyone searched for children’s products (no, seriously). However, they’re upset that Google’s management hasn’t found the time to sit down and discuss the claim seriously. Well, at least they appear to have a stronger claim than the family of man who came up with the word “googol”.

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Comments on “Googles Sues Google”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: An Infringement is an infringement

I don’t think this company is being the least bit reasonable. They are not asking for a percentage of profits for the very valid copyright infringements. They are simply asking to be the preferred choice for ” google ” to point to when their protected word is used by Google users.

I would think the search engine companies legal team would see that this is a simple request and one that could be much less costly than losing their rights to the name ” google”.

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