Politically Motivated Domain Name Speculation

from the people-don't-have-anything-better-to-do? dept

Combine the return of high prices for domains from speculators with the latest election season, and it should be no surprise that people everywhere are trying to pick up domain names for the Presidential candidates. Some, obviously, are designed to be parodies of real campaign websites, while others are just up for sale. While the article makes it sound surprising that campaigns haven’t snapped up some of the more “obvious” domain names, you have to wonder who is actually convinced by a satirical website about their election day choices? The big bets on the Democratic side of the domain speculation aisle is coming up with potential domain names that include the name of the unknown VP candidate in the hopes that the campaign will shell out big bucks after the announcement is made. Of course, with so many people speculating, it should drive those prices down, since the campaign will have their choice of domain names to play off each other.

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