Craigslist As A Digital Coming Of Age Sign

from the something-bigger-than-just-an-online-bulletin-board dept

If you live in the Bay Area, you’re probably already quite familiar with Craigslist, and may even use it frequently. The site that is basically a targeted online bulletin board is considered by many (rightfully so) one of the most useful places on the internet if you need to buy, sell, rent, lease, employ someone or find a job in your area. Over the years, of course, Craigslist has expanded to other cities outside the Bay Area, and while they haven’t become nearly as popular as the San Francisco one, some are doing quite well. However, it appears that some cities now view getting Craigslist offered in their city as a digital coming of age sign. At least that’s how it’s described in an article about Milwaukee getting their very own Craigslist, rather than having to bite off pieces from the Chicago list. Amusingly, they quote a former Bay Area resident pointing out the best part of Craigslist: “a chance to get some things for nothing.”

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