Working At The Club

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With more and more people telecommuting or “freelancing,” the home office has been getting a lot more attention. Still, not everyone likes to work from home (and for some people, it’s really difficult). There are tons of “temporary office space” companies that buy up buildings and let people rent out single offices. However, one company is trying to go (just slightly) beyond that by setting up a “work club”, where you pay your membership dues and get to hang out in the common areas and meet your co-workers. You also can use meeting rooms, phone booths, and some limited amount of personal office space. Honestly, though, this doesn’t seem all that different from most temporary or executive office space operations – other than they seem to be trying to make it sound cooler with trendy phrases to describe everything. For example, meeting rooms are “team spaces” while the cubicle farm is a “touchdown space.” Right.

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Comments on “Working At The Club”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

I think its more for the folks who don’t have an office; for example they are a small business of just one or two people who mainly work out of their home.

Renting a real office might cost a lot more than $135/month; here for $135/month you get the advantages of an office for conference room space, a little bit of assistance from executive assistant types, etc. But I don’t see it catching on for the bigger companies who already have a real office full of employees and a few home based employees who can drive in once a week to meet with clients when necessary.

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