A Good Dot Com Memoir?

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For a few years, every other dot commer who had secretly hoped to be a novelist all along, thought their chance had come when they went about writing yet another lame dot com “insider” memoir about their oh-so-very-unique story about the dot com they worked for that sold dollar bills for ninety cents, raised $100 million from VCs via the entertaining presentation from their 22-year-old founder, and crashed along with the rest of them. As most people quickly found out, those books were not only dull, but there really wasn’t much of an audience for them. The people who lived the experience didn’t need to read about someone else’s version – and those who didn’t live it, really didn’t care at all. However, just because everyone’s done it poorly, doesn’t mean someone can’t come along and eventually do a good job with the same idea. With that in mind Salon is running an excerpt from a dot com memoir called Amazonia, which they admit they were surprised to discover is actually good.

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Comments on “A Good Dot Com Memoir?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Inadvertantly hilarious

If you’re looking for an inadvertantly hilarious dot.com era book, try reading
“The 10 second Internet Manager” by Mark Breier with Armin Brott. It’s a take off on the One Minute Manager concept, speeded up for “Internet time”. The concept revolves around making hyperfast decisions. And in one year, he made a ton of really fast, really BAD decisions that buried the company!

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