So Much (Mobile) Anger

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My latest writeup for TheFeature focuses on a variety of stories showing that mobile phones seem to bring out a ridiculous level of anger in people when people are told they cannot use their phones. The latest example is a woman who attacked a flight attendant for telling her to stop making phone calls during a flight. This isn’t the first case like that however – and mobile phone rage seems to be showing up in many places. While it may just be a case of withdrawal from mobile phone addiction, at some point people are going to need to learn to lighten up.

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Comments on “So Much (Mobile) Anger”

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AC (user link) says:

Most noteworthy to me

Most noteworthy to me is this:

“Vietnam’s flag carrier reported the incident to police but no charges have been filed, state media said. Two other small airlines operate in Vietnam but have fewer routes.”

Now IMAGINE this happening in the U.S.A.!

There would be no need for the Airline to do anything as this woman would never ever fly anywhere again. She would either be in jail for the rest of her life or be so financially devastated by lawsuits and judgements against her that she could not possibly afford anything but a bicycle!

See.. while its interesting to look at the object-relations and attachments we have, ANGER per se is a GOOD thing. The fact that expressing it is safe (and she paid for her destructiveness)in that part of the world tells me that there are still places to raise children in this world.

If she was a few years younger, you as a parent could be fined for taking her of whatever dope would get prescribed to her here should she ‘act out’ as she has.

Did that sort of thing cross your mind?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Angry woman

They should have shoved that cell phone straight up her ass. She was asked nicely, twice. Then like she’s the author of “Vanderbilt’s Guide to Etiquette” by telling the airline employee that it’s rude to hang up on whomever she was speaking to. Well its freakin’ rude to slap someone too ! I hope the bitch gets NAILED in court.

Brian Shock (profile) says:

Anger at rather than from

Funny you should mention this. I find myself progressively more enraged by people who use cell phones (I won’t touch one of the goddamn things myself; why should I pay to be chained to others?). From the moron driver who weaves drunkenly through traffic with a phone against his head, to the budding psychotic who chatters and howls in public at his nearly invisible earplug, these baby borgs push me to the edge of homicide at least once a day. I have no more regard for them than I have for any other addict.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Take back the roads

Just yesterday I’m driving in the right lane when this asshole on a cell phone comes barreling up the ramp to merge. (while on his cell phone of course) with an out of state license (which means he is probably not too familar witht the area and probably should be paying attention regardless of the phone)

Of course the jackass can’t read the YIELD sign because he and his SUV are much TOO important to be bothered with rules.
I slammed on the horn to warn him that he was going to broadside me since I could NOT move over into the left lane or I would have hit someone.

The fucker has the audacity to flip me the bird. I followed the prick to the next light, got out of my car and scared the asshole so badly that he ended up running the red light for fear I was going to punch him in the mouth.

(yep, thats cell phone rage)

For dessert I stopped at a pay phone and reported that I witnessed this driver smoking what appeared to be a crack pipe. I provided the make, model & license plate # before hanging up.

BTW, I have a cell phone. I use it frequently. I also know when NOT to answer it or use it.

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