Time To Take Down Some Cyber Criminals

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Writer Bruce Sterling gave the keynote address at a security conference and said that it’s time that law enforcement realized that online scams are no longer the result of bored teenagers, but the majority are for-profit enterprises run by organized crime operations. He says that law enforcement still doesn’t take online crime seriously enough, and that’s letting these online criminals take over. His solution is to get prosecutors who will take down online criminals and make an example of them. In other words, someone needs to take charge and clean up cyberspace.

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Comments on “Time To Take Down Some Cyber Criminals”

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Michael Vilain says:

this is keeping with ZENITH ANGLE's POV

After reading Stirling’s latest, I see some of this attitude leaked either into his characters or out into the real world. I just hope Stirling doesn’t shoot someone like his character Verdermeer did (I wouldn’t fault him if he did, but it wouldn’t stop the crime and might get his family or him killed).

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