Even Death Won't Get You Out Of Early Termination Fees

from the early-termination-indeed dept

You know those early termination fees that the wireless carriers like to lock you into? An article on the sorts of complaints people have with their mobile phone providers includes the story of a man who died. When his wife tried to cancel his mobile phone service, she was told she needed to pay the “early termination” fee. Early termination, indeed. The rest of the article includes all of the typical complaints, and points out what everyone knows already: wireless customer service is dreadful and the wireless carriers know it.

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Comments on “Even Death Won't Get You Out Of Early Termination Fees”

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RNR says:

Early Termination when the subscriber really dies?

If the subscriber is dead, can the provider (e.g. Hughes.net) charge an early termination fee to the wife of the subscriber? She does not want the internet at all, and has had to submit a copy of her husband’s death certificate as well as a formal letter asking for the service to be terminated. They still want to charge her an early termination fee. Can they legally do this?

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