Hyping Up How WiMax Is Not Overhyped

The folks in the wireless industry never seem to learn when to just keep their mouths shut. At this point, it should be obvious that excessive levels of hype – especially about technology that does not exist yet – is a lot more damaging than it is helpful. Yet, here we are, with vendors insisting that WiMax is not overhyped. It’s clearly overhyped. It may eventually meet those hype levels, but that’s certainly not a sure thing. No one seems to really give any reason why WiMax is underhyped (or hyped juuuuuuust right), other than the following bizarre quote: “On the demand side, it’s very clear users want broadband,” immediately following a statement about how initial service will cost $200/month. Someone should give them a quick lesson in price elasticity, and how (especially when there are competitive products) as the price goes up, the demand drops considerably. Users want broadband, yes, but they don’t necessarily want to pay ridiculous amounts for something that doesn’t offer them much of an advantage. There are places where WiMax is useful – and we’re not against WiMax. It’s just that the level of hype is way out of proportion to the state of the technology today. It certainly has potential, and we hope it lives up to it – but it seems like too many folks in the industry (and in the press) are way ahead of themselves.

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