Changing The Inbox

from the redefining-email dept

Email is widely considered the “killer app” of the internet, but some are wondering if it’s getting a bit worn around the edges. While stories about how spam is killing email can be found almost anywhere, some are suggesting that email has many other problems as well. Now, it appears that just about everyone is trying to “reinvent” email – but you have to wonder just how far it should go. While improving the interface can be good, it’s always difficult to make major changes to something that people feel so comfortable with. Email does have its limitations, but so many people have already adapted to them, that forcing them to change again (unless it’s done very well) may create more problems than it solves.

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Comments on “Changing The Inbox”

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NOBODY (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

And that’s exactly what people are talking about doing. I think the idea of e-mail is a good one, but why not come up with a new protocol that would be more secure and more useful. You can call it anything you want. Call it e-mail. As long as it serves the same general purpose, and is backwards compatible, I don’t think anyone would even notice.

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