Is Audible Magic Vaporware?

from the possibly dept

The RIAA has been doing its best to talk up the wonders of Audible Magic’s system for filtering out copyrighted files from file sharing networks, but some are beginning to wonder if it’s all just vaporware. They’ve been talking about this silver bullet solution and have apparently been showing demos to politicians (not known for having the most critical eyes when seeing demos), but have yet to show anything publicly. Recently, RIAA chief Mitch Bainwol stated he “would be delighted” to show the technology to the various file sharing network companies. So, the file sharing companies took him up on the offer, and sent him a note saying that, sure, they’d like to see the technology. Bainwol has suddenly gone quiet and doesn’t seem quite so interested in having them actually see it. It seems unlikely that the product is really vaporware – but it also seems quite unlikely that it really works all that well. Even if it does work, I imagine that it will take less than a day for people to figure out workarounds.

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