A Canadian Test Of Will — Against Spammers

from the No-spam,-aye dept

While some countries handle their computer problems by enacting harsh laws, those laws are ultimately ineffective because enforcement is an afterthought. Creating a new law is made a priority because politicians can point to the law say that they “did something” — regardless of whether or not the law is enforceable. But Canadians have a reputation for being a bit more even-handed and friendly. So what do they propose? They admit that most of what would get put into a new anti-spam law is already contained in existing laws, and so they want to focus on the enforcement of current laws against more general behaviors like false advertising. Hopefully Canada can track down spammers and prosecute them, but many problems still exist — like spammers don’t live in Canada, etc. But at least Canadians are trying to focus on the problem in a more rational way.

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