The Moblogging Phone?

Nokia has begun shipping their 7610 camera phone in certain regions today, and it’s a bit surprising to see refer to it as a “moblog” phone. I kept trying to figure out what could possibly be special about the phone that would make it more “mobloggy” than any other camera phone – and the answer might just be in the the reporter’s mind. It’s like somehow naming, say, the latest Dell laptop as the “blogging laptop!” It could be used for that purpose, but there are plenty of other uses as well. Sure, the phone comes with some nifty software for editing and uploading the photos that are taken, but shouldn’t the focus be on those applications as a whole, as opposed to just one way to use them (moblogging) which isn’t the only reason people want a camera phone? Are we reaching yet another point where reporters will start confusing a feature of a phone with a single way in which that feature can be used? Though, admittedly, if they had to choose one use of the camera phone, moblogging has to be better than all those “peeping tom” style stories we’ve been reading about lately.

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