Email Marketers Struggling With Can Spam, Spammers Doing Just Fine

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It’s been quite clear for some time that many spammers have absolutely no intention of paying attention to any spam-related laws, such as CAN-SPAM. However, for (more) legitimate email marketers, the new regulations are already quite a hassle – with many of them failing to follow the requirements, putting them at risk of getting sued. This is a bit amusing, considering it was these so-called “legitimate marketers” who were so adamant about having CAN-SPAM passed in a way that would let them “legitimately” spam more easily. Now, what they’re realizing is that they’ve added more trouble for themselves without doing much of anything to actually stop the spam that drowns out their own messages.

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Comments on “Email Marketers Struggling With Can Spam, Spammers Doing Just Fine”

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1 Comment
Obfuscated Spineless Wonder says:

Let them struggle, but...

Who has any sympathy for spammers? Not me or anyone I know, for that matter. Spam, however, has resulted in one terrific game that I (or we) play at the office and at home: SpamAssassin hit results. All of us who play love this game. Moreover, we use an email front end program that grabs the message text without downloading. Then, we compare SpamAssassin points and the report body without activating the message. It’s a lot of early morning frivolity and, bizarrely enough, we have spammers to thank. Our network admin thinks we’re insane, but he joins in quite often.
I never, ever thought I would say this, but… Spam does serve a purpose. Granted, not the one the spammers want, but a purpose nonetheless. Just think of it as morning time coffee and doughnuts with a side of spam. Now, in case anyone is wondering, no one I have ever met or known has purchased a product through a spam email. At least none have been willing to admit that heinous error.

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