Is Nano- The Next Dot-Com?

from the overhyping-the-overhype dept

Considering there are at least 130 private companies with some sort of “nano” in their name (if not their business), investment banks are starting to create “nano” indexes to track the sector and risk overhyping the nanotechnology sector like dot-coms during the Internet boom. The differences this time around are that investors may be more cautious now and that well-established, public companies are already investing in nanotechnology to head-off the little start-ups. So the nano-bust might be, no pun intended, smaller.

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Comments on “Is Nano- The Next Dot-Com?”

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dorpus says:

What about angstroms?

Nanometers are still relatively big in biochemical terms. We talk about angstroms (1 nanometer = 10 angstroms); a double strand of DNA has a width of 20 angstroms.

And then, there are naturally recurring prions, groups of proteins with no genetic code which direct their own synthesis. Basically, ghostlike meta-organisms.

All human females with XX chromosomes have one inactivated X chromosome inside each cell. If you found a way to activate every inactivated X chromosome (Barr body), you could turn women into slobbering retards because of too many chromosomes. But then, you could turn men into sterile, effeminate retards if you inactivated their Y chromosome. The possibilities are fascinating.

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