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Yahoo Releases Anti-Spam Technique For Upcoming Standards Battle

from the everyone-come-up-with-their-own-standard! dept

One thing that you can guarantee in the technology world is that there will never be a shortage of standards battles. While AOL is supporting Sender Policy Framework (SPF) as their way of authenticating email senders, Microsoft is pushing their “caller ID” method of combating spoofed spam and Yahoo has been pushing ahead with their own DomainKeys proposal. Today, Yahoo is making some news by announcing that they’re releasing the technology as a standard. A standard for whom? So far, it seems like it’s just Yahoo. Are we going to reach a point where our mail servers are going to need to separately check DomainKeys, SPF, email Caller ID, some giant useless “do not spam” database, and twenty other anti-spam systems before they’ll be able to forward mail? Is it really a “standard” if everyone has their own?

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Comments on “Yahoo Releases Anti-Spam Technique For Upcoming Standards Battle”

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Not A. Zealot says:

Not anti-spam, but pro-reputation

The common thread of all of these proposals is that they are not actually mechanisms which will stop spam, but simply mechanisms to stop forgery of the “From” domain.
So you will still receive spam if you implement the Yahoo protocol, but not spam with a spoofed “@yahoo.com” source. or @hotmail.com or @msn.comw with the Microsoft approach, etc.
Spammers will still be able to send spam, they will just find it more difficult to forge spam to appear to have come from a protected domain.

Anonymous Coward says:

A proposal is not a standard.

Yahoo seems to be a little full of themselves. They hype this thing as a “standard” (as opposed to a proposal), and then say they have sent it to the IETF for “publication” (as opposed to approval).
Gee, I guess those IETF boys better jump up and get to publishing this thing for Yahoo. I mean, they don’t want Yahoo to come down there and kick their butts or something for not doing their jobs.

Clair Ching (user link) says:

Spam standards?

I think that instead of coming up with different solutions, there should be a collaborative effort to do this. Ok, it is somehow good that they are individually coming up with solutions on their ends. But that would just be for those with yahoo or hotmail emails that are being spoofed. Why stop there? I think that they could do their subsribers more good if they could cooperate with each other more.



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