Is Yahoo's Anti-Spam Strategy Dangerous?

from the someone's-gotta-do-something dept

Last month there was a lot of news around the fact that Yahoo had decided to push forward with their own "DomainKeys" email authentication plan to help stop spam. As expected, many in the anti-spam and standards worlds are not happy that Yahoo is forging ahead without waiting for agreement from others. They think that Yahoo's plan will fail or simply cause more complexity. While I do see their point, it's also true that not much seems to come out of the anti-spam discussion process as no one has been able to agree on much. Sometimes, letting the market take over and come up with its own solution makes more sense than waiting around for a standards body to figure out what they want to do. As it stands, Yahoo is being fairly open in how they're going about things, so it's tough to accuse them of being secretive, or creating backdoors for themselves. They should be watched carefully, of course, but I'm not as completely against this idea as some others are.

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