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How Many Ways Are There To Exploit The Google IPO News?

from the oh-come-on dept

In the early days of the bubble, lots of no name dot coms liked to try to get attention for themselves by listing the names of every big internet player in their press releases – even if they had nothing to do with them. For example, I remember one tiny dot com that put out a press release talking about how they were opening up an e-commerce site (I can’t remember selling what) that would be “just like Amazon, eBay, eToys, Pets.com, etc…” back when a few of those were still considered big success stories. The entire point was so that financial sites that list press releases mentioning those companies would post the press release. Other tricks included bizarre moves like tiny companies announcing that they had “formed a partnership with Amazon.com” after they were approved to be in Amazon’s affiliate program (just like thousands and thousands of others). So, now, of course, the way to get yourself press is to somehow get your name in the same paragraph as Google. With that in mind, some tiny search engine company most people have probably never heard of has announced that, despite Google’s announcement, they, themselves, will not be going public. Well, thank you very much. I know that I, for one, was kind of excited about a Google IPO, but the one I was really waiting for was this no name search company that no one has heard of. So much for that plan…

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