Specialized Gaming Devices Or Mobile Phones For Games?

And now… we have yet another area where the press can set up a “this vs. that” battle to the death: with the launch of all these new handheld gaming devices this week, some are wondering if it will impact those making games for mobile phones. While there are some (N-Gage, anyone?) trying, stunningly unsuccessfully so far, to bridge the two worlds, on the whole this seems like not much of a battle. If you need a comparison, just look at the PC/gaming console world. If anything, most of today’s mobile phone-based games are the equivalent of those solitaire games that come on your PC, with a few that go beyond it. However, these new handheld gaming devices will be much more like their console relatives. There can easily be room for both types of games to do quite well. Specialized hardware isn’t going away any time soon – and as we move towards a world with personal “mobile gateways,” people will be able to mix and match specialized hardware to meet their specific needs.

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