FBI Worried About Evil Videogame Millionaire Terrorist Threat

from the watch-out! dept

Oh that FBI. They sure can raid high schools to stop file sharing, but when it comes to tracking down terrorist threats, it appears that they’re a little confused by reality. LawMeme points us to a story about how the FBI was especially worried about “reclusive but evil millionaire” Don Emilio Fulci who supposedly “had formed a terrorist group that was planning chemical attacks against London and Washington, D.C..” The threat was considered so great that it was listed in their daily “threat matrix” and FBI director Robert Mueller was briefed. Apparently, it took a bored Whitehouse staffer to do some research on Google and figure out that this “evil” millionaire was actually just a character in a video game. Of course, I just did a Google search on the name and not much turns up other than the US News article linked here. Yahoo’s search, however, turns up an FAQ for the video game.

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Comments on “FBI Worried About Evil Videogame Millionaire Terrorist Threat”

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NOBODY (user link) says:

Re: plus

The same can be said people who don’t check their facts. Look, this is not the postal service, or the social security administration. This is the FBI. Funny as this is, these people can’t afford to make mistakes. When they do, people die. No one’s ever right all the time. But the fact that they didn’t check their facts before the information made it to the top guy is yet another example of an administration in washington that has a problem with due process… and all that implies.

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