Nintendo And Sony Gear Up To Fight It Out Over Handheld Gaming

from the lots-of-speculation dept

It must be fun to speculate when there’s nothing much to go on. Wired News is talking about the upcoming battle between Nintendo and Sony for their next generation handheld gaming systems. The problem is that the details of both systems aren’t expected until next week at E3. So, for the time being, we’re left with speculation based on the little bits of info they’ve released and their expected target markets. Many people are already declaring Sony the winner, despite the fact that Nintendo has a lot more experience in this market (98% marketshare right now). The real question is whether or not that’s defining the market too narrowly. If you define it as a segment of the overall video gaming market, then obviously Sony has a pretty good track record as well. Also, as the article points out, Sony’s plan to go after the young adult market may be a lot more lucrative. Of course, there’s a reason that we actually wait until the market speaks before declaring a winner, so idle predictions based on speculation might not be worth much.

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