Hype And 3G: Terrible Together

It turns out that Vodafone’s Tuesday 3G launch came as something of a surprise to a lot of people. The informed speculation is that they did so to steal away publicity from T-Mobile’s expected 3G announcements. While it’s been a while, you would think that (especially in Europe) the carriers would have learned to avoid hyping 3G and focused, instead, on (1) making sure the technology worked and (2) that it provided phones and features that people actually wanted. I guess that’s too much to hope for.

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Comments on “Hype And 3G: Terrible Together”

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1 Comment
rasput says:

3g is terrible

I would’nt be too concerned by any 3g news; as 3g itself on any carrier is not really worth the effort. I have used both vodafone’s and three’s network in ireland with 3bar reception in good weather but even then with the highly restrictive cap limits (i guess to prevent congestion from too many users) and with the not spectacular speed of a 3g network you might aswell use dialup at home and then find free wireless for any bigger download, it will end up being cheaper and less aggrivating.
You cant game over 3g, you cant torrent over 3g, cant make consistent voip calls over 3g, all you can do is browse and occassionally download big files (beware the cap!); which is the same as if you had dialup and occasional access to free wireless except more expensive.
There good points to 3g, but these are out weighed but the bad points.
It needs to be much faster, carry more people and be more consistant to be saved. I can see it getting faster, but the people using it will more than likely max out its capabilities and the consistency of the connection will be the same i think.Basically, a big please to the companies providing 3g to stop wasting money on 3G R&D and spend it on spreading wifi and wimax and developing them

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