I Need A Security Solution… For A Friend

from the can't-admit-our-failings dept

For years, the FBI has been trying to convince companies to tell them when they’ve been maliciously hacked in order to better respond and deal with troublesome behavior. Companies, however, are usually afraid to ever admit to anyone that they’ve had any computer security problems whatsoever – which means that those fighting against these attacks have much less info in how to stop them. While this article doesn’t necessarily offer any solutions, it does point out that this is a serious (and growing) problem. The end result, though, is that IT representatives from companies at security trade shows all deny they have problems… but are all desperately looking for solutions. This brings up, by the way, the fact that our server seems to have been getting hammered this morning from some unknown source. You may have noticed a bit of downtime or slowness. Hopefully we’ve got it under control.

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