Mobile Phones Replacing Cars In Our Culture

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The Economist has noticed that mobile phones are rapidly replacing automobiles in our culture. People used to be defined by their cars, but now young people today are focused on customizing, personalizing and displaying their mobile phones as a proxy for who they are. Phones represent independence and mobility for teenagers today the way cars did in past generations. Also, as the article points out – they’re fashion items where people feel compelled to buy new ones sooner than is probably necessary. Both have advanced well beyond just being a better version of what they came out of. Cars aren’t just horseless buggies any more, and mobile phones are a lot more than just a phone that’s mobile. Industry wise, there are similarities as well. Handset makers build different phones off a few basic platforms and try to segment the market with their different offerings. And, in both cases established American and European handset makers are starting to experience competition from cheaper Asian firms.

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