Most People Satisfied With Cellular Coverage

from the not-so-bad dept

For years, one of the biggest complaints with mobile phone service was that the coverage was terrible. The carriers have worked hard to improve coverage (“can you hear me now?”) around the country, and it appears people are noticing. 68% of users now say they’re perfectly satisfied with their carrier’s coverage. Only 10% were dissatisfied. This suggests that carriers shouldn’t necessarily be focused on coverage, but on other issues. Of course, this also contradicts recent studies saying that instead of focusing on extra bells and whistles people would prefer that carriers make sure their network works. That could just be the fact that even if there’s coverage, people still get upset by dropped calls. It would also be interesting to compare this study to one that shows how many people dislike their carrier. I wonder how many people who are satisfied with coverage are upset over other issues (such as billing or customer service).

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