EU's Toothless Spam Directive

from the they-might-get-angry-again dept

Well, here’s what happens when your international body doesn’t have any kind of power to actually get countries to obey the rules they establish. A while back, the EU set up a spam directive for members to put in place anti-spam laws. However, most countries were smart enough to realize that those anti-spam laws would do nothing to actually stop spam, and have decided to simply ignore the directive. Just like they did with Greece and their video gaming laws, all the EU has been able to do is send off nasty letters threatening to send off nasty letters again. This seems doubly unproductive. You have a ruling from a body without much power to set in place spam laws that wouldn’t work. This is ignored, and a bureaucratic process is put in place to nag those countries until they get around to putting in place the worthless law. Seems like a lot of laws and bureaucracy for something that isn’t going to do much good.

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