Mobile Gambling Unlikely To Be In The US Any Time Soon

from the no-surprise-there dept

While folks over in Europe have been pushing forward with mobile gambling, it’s unlikely to come to the US any time soon. If gambling from your own computer is already forbidden, it seems unlikely that they would let anyone gamble on the go as well. Of course, the company discussed in the article is trying to initially target casinos, so that people at a casino could keep gambling on their mobile phone even if they’re not on the floor. That becomes a slightly trickier situation, because they’re in the casino itself already – it’s just that the gambling mechanism has gone portable. Where’s the boundary? What if a casino handed out a mobile gambling device instead of letting you use your own phone?

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Comments on “Mobile Gambling Unlikely To Be In The US Any Time Soon”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: remote gaming

Why will they need to create a regulatory framework when the policy so far has been to simply ban it outright?

I agree that they probably should create a regulatory framework, and based on who’s in charge laws may change – but if you look at current policies, there’s clearly no way they’ll allow remote gambling.

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: remote gaming

We must ban all cell phone & internet gambling.
If not, it will take away from the multi-billion dollar state sanctioned lottery, casino’s & other forms of gambling.

We wouldn’t want the government losing an income generating stream would we ?

Rest assured, just as soon as the dolts in legislation catch up enough to understand the technology, suddenly mobile gambling will become a reality.

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