Speed Limit Discovered For Writing Data

from the nothing-to-worry-about dept

A recent experiment has determined that there is a physical limit to how fast data can be written to a magnetic drive. Of course, we’re nowhere near that limit, and it’s really unlikely to matter at any point. Even if there were applications that ever got anyone near that point, it’s likely that we’ll be on to some other method of storage by that point. So, while it’s a nice bit of info, it doesn’t seem to have much practical application.

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Comments on “Speed Limit Discovered For Writing Data”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

You mean

You mean retailers aren’t going to ration how many hard drives each customer can get, there won’t be mile-long queues outside every computer store, starving babies in Africa are not going to die clutching hard drives with flies buzzing around them, government commissions aren’t going to hold special congressional hearings, UN task forces are not going to drive around in specially equipped trucks looking for hidden hard drives buried underground? Missionary groups, women’s shelters, and human rights activists aren’t going to bring boatloads of hard drives to the nether corners of the world, battling sharks and dodging land mines? Third world warlords with armies of gunmen are not going to hold huge stashes of forbidden hard drives, smuggled in on timber cavities? Hard drives aren’t going to bring down Presidents, split the electorate down the middle, and cause increased tensions with EU nations? Techdirt will not be filled with angry discussions about outsourced hard drives, about how every American worker deserves a hard drive?

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