Spamming Back The Spammers

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Somewhat amusing column from someone who admits they were quite clueless on the spam issue (claiming they actually thought people complaining about spam were talking about the faux-meat) but now that he’s realized that the spam he gets isn’t actually personally addressed to him (slow guy, I guess), he’s decided to spam the spammers back with fake spam of his own. Of course, someone should probably tell him that spammers aren’t using real email addresses and he’s now (a) annoying other people with more spam and (b) putting himself at risk of being accused of breaking anti-spam laws.

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Comments on “Spamming Back The Spammers”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: Read the article.

Bart is correct.

Did ANYONE READ the article before commenting ?

His first line in the article is: ” As a computer-challenged chump, I was the last person in the United States of America to understand the Internet, Web sites, e-mails and all that other electronic stuff that has made my Stone Age life miserable. “

I frequently deal with people over the phone that have not used computers and are just discovering all the possibilities that the internet provides.

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