Vodafone 3G Prices Lowered

Just as Alan Reiter and Esme Vos are complaining about Vodafone’s ridiculously high UMTS data pricing, along comes the news that they’re dropping their prices. While I agree that they’re doing a bad job with their pricing strategy, in this case it might be understandable. Remember, by just launching data services, Vodafone is using this as a way to get their toe in the 3G water and learn a bit more about what’s happening. Already, they’ve heard from customers that the pricing sucks, so they’re starting to adjust that. So, perhaps it’s naive, but it looks like they’re just experimenting – and since the competitive pressures aren’t that extreme for 3G services right now, they have some room to do so. Hopefully, they’ll figure out the proper pricing before someone else figures it out for them.

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