AOL Customer Support Rep Took Private Info To Befriend Stars

from the what's-been-done-with-your-info? dept

John submits this somewhat scary (and a little bit “too good to be true”) story of a young woman who worked at AOL as a customer support rep. She used her access to AOL’s database to find out information about various celebrities who were AOL customers and then contacted and befriended many of them using that info that she had accessed. She used those sneaky friendships to sell two screenplays – with the second one being all about someone who steals confidential info from a big ISP to befriend celebrities. If it is true, though, it certainly sounds like a Mitnick-style case of social engineering – with the target being all of Hollywood, rather than big companies. Also interesting is the fact that not too many people seem to be concerned that she had such access to AOL customer info, and that she used it in this manner.

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