Now That We're Mobile… We're Not So Mobile

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The latest trends show that many people in the US are finding a place to live and sticking to it. Fewer people than ever before are moving – and that includes the young adult segment of the population which tends to move quite a bit. The article comes up with plenty of theories why, but doesn’t mention the one that seems most obvious to me: more people are telecommuting, and can work from wherever they want. Whereas people used to need to travel to take the job they wanted, it’s easier than ever to convince companies that you can effectively work remotely, with an occasional office visit.

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Comments on “Now That We're Mobile… We're Not So Mobile”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Stronger families

Despite the common sentiment that family values are declining, fewer out-of-wedlock children are being born today than the Victorian era. People back then used to lie about being “widows”.

Despite the theme of “alienation” among 20th century writers, we may be in for an era when we no longer have to travel much, and have stronger relations with our families/communities.

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