Cheap DSL That Isn't Quite As Cheap As You Might Have Been Told

from the truth-in-advertising? dept

For months now, US DSL providers have been advertising much cheaper DSL service, and it’s been winning them a lot of business away from the cable broadband providers. However, when you look at the details, you might realize that the cheap DSL isn’t quite as cheap as they made it out to be – and, in some cases, it’s quickly getting more expensive. Like other telephony services, some DSL providers are adding additional “regulatory fees” to their DSL pricing. Like most of these fees, they aren’t actually government mandated fees, but are instead a way to sneak in a price increase while still publishing much lower prices. At the same time, SBC is offering a slightly higher priced offering, but with plenty of requirements. If you want the faster service at the cheaper price, you also have to sign up for every other service that SBC offers: local and long-distance telephone service and a Cingular mobile phone plan. If you don’t sign up for all of those, then you have to pay a lot more. There’s nothing wrong with bundling, of course, but all of this comes across as being misleading or dishonest to the customer. Advertising cheap packages that are impossible to get doesn’t make consumers particularly happy about the service they’re getting – and, instead, makes them trust their broadband provider less. While it may be working now in getting them attention and signups, you wonder how loyal those customers will be long-term, as other options appear.

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Comments on “Cheap DSL That Isn't Quite As Cheap As You Might Have Been Told”

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Chomper says:

No Subject Given

DSL sucks. I have cable at home and my father and girlfriend have DSL and for the money they are paying, it’s just really ridiculous how they can even tout they have a better service. The thoroughput is a joke and the pricing forget about. And don’t forget, a lot of places require that you also have a local line from the same company. What’s up with that?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

That last argument is not valid when comparing to cable. Because find me a cable company that doesnt’ require you to have at least some form of cable to the house before you can get cable modem access. I mean sure they will let you do it, but you will pay a premium, sometimes they force you basic basic cable, but its not just the cable modem and the price is the same.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Here we have cable modem access for $49.95 per month, and if you have digital cable television you get a $10 price break on the internet side.

I had just cable modem for the first year while I still used Dish Network, but when I sat down and did a cost comparison of Dish Network on 4 TVs plus cable modem vs. Digital cable on 4 TVs with cable modem it was a huge difference, soemthing like $40 per month savings.

Anonymous Coward says:

I have DSL and OTA

I had digital cable for a while and considered getting their internet service. But having previously dealt with the same cable company in another state I had bad memories about them. I decided to try DSL and have enjoyed it since. Speedwise, cable is faster, but I enjoy the unencumbered service (as in personal servers), good uptime, and “consistent” speed the DSL provides (I’m not sure if it’s still the same but by evening my highspeed cable was as bad as modem due to everyone jumping on).

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