Google And Yahoo Both Drop Online Casino Ads

from the same-day?--coincidence? dept

The US government has been pushing hard to convince just about any US company that even doing business with an online casino (even if legal in its own country) may be illegal in the US. It seems to be increasingly effective. The latest two companies convinced to adjust their strategies are Yahoo and Google who both announced on Friday plans to stop accepting advertising from online casinos. What’s odd about this is both companies announced this on the same day. They insist that it’s a coincidence, but that seems highly unlikely.

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Comments on “Google And Yahoo Both Drop Online Casino Ads”

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Gregory Kennedy (user link) says:

Free Trade?

I actualy read that members of the WTO are suing the US because of this. It seems that in the WTO gambling is a legal business and many countries have it as a primary source of revenue. The US is violating WTO rules by going after these companies.

Ironic that the US likes free trade when it means selling Coke or Marlboro in the middle east, but we are against it if it means gambling has to become legal in our country.

ZPTquick says:

Travel Agencies?

I see ads in the travel agency for trips to Monte Carlo and Vegas advertising the casinos all the time. What’s the diff? Gambling is illegal here in Texas, but there are billboards all along the highway advertising casinos in Shreveport. It’s OK for me to drive/fly to a casino, and OK for them to entice me to do so; but it’s not OK for me to play java blackjack in Costa Rica from my home here in Dallas, and thus those offshore places can’t advertise for my dollars?

Is it OK for me to drive to Vegas and play online from my hotel room?

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