Latest Amazonian Patenting Of The Obvious

from the prior-art? dept

Well, it’s still early, but we’ve already got today’s nomination for silly patent of the day. Thanks to Broadband Reports for pointing out Amazon’s latest patent for use of browser cookies to store structured data. There is some innovation in the idea – in that they are trying to do something a bit different with cookies, but it’s hard to believe that this is patentable. While it’s a bit beyond basic cookie usage, I find it hard to believe others weren’t using cookies for something similar prior to Amazon’s filing of this patent. It’s just that normal people wouldn’t think this was patentable.

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Comments on “Latest Amazonian Patenting Of The Obvious”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

We need a new checkbox

On patent applications we need to add a couple of check boxes labeled:

[ ] I intend to use this patent to sue everybody in the world in an effort to generate money from an idea that’s not necessarily original BUT I’m first in line with the paperwork

[ ] We intend to patent this in an effort cover our asses against the kind of people who check the other box. We solemly swear that we will not sue anyone who violates our intellectual property unless they sue us first.

Of course, the lawyers will have to tidy up the wording a bit…

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