Coming Global Systems

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Captain Cruncher writes “In the past, global systems have taken decades, even centuries, to develop. Most existing global systems are clunky in their operation, each having to struggle through a maze of conflicting regulations as they cross from one jurisdiction to another. Few global standards are in place, and only a select few have a global authority for dispute resolution. Many people are quite vocal in their opposition to anything that sounds like globalism; however, the driving forces behind global systems will be based on the opportunities they create. Each new global system will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars to the business communities they represent, and political fortunes will be won and lost in the process. US News & World Report has an interview with futurist Thomas Frey where he gives some examples of global systems that we will see in the future. He also gives a nice plug for Techdirt.” Some excellent ideas to get you thinking a bit outside the box when it comes to where the future is headed. Excellent material for anyone who does scenario planning – and I’m not just saying that because he plugs Techdirt as a publication he reads.

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