Apple Says iPod Users Would Rather Be Mugged Than Tacky

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Last month, we mentioned reports that Apple’s distinct white iPod headphones were attracting muggers who knew that the expensive device was tucked away in a pocket somewhere. For some reason, it took a month, but suddenly this is the big story of the morning, with just about every UK newspaper running some sort of article on the subject. However, what’s more interesting to some is Apple’s response. Instead of offering alternatives, or even pointing out that it’s pretty easy (and cheap) to buy alternative headphones, they responded by saying: “customers would prefer to be robbed than wear something less trendy.” Actually, it’s a little unclear what the Apple quote really is. Each source I’ve seen reprints it differently. The two links above are about the same, but one swaps out “trendy” with “stylish”. However, The Sun, provides a slightly different take on the quote, saying: “There are guys who’d rather be robbed than change the colour of the headphones.” While the initial versions sound like Apple arrogance, that last quote sounds more like Apple disbelief.

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Comments on “Apple Says iPod Users Would Rather Be Mugged Than Tacky”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Idiotic is more like it...

Yeah, I got my iPod over a year ago and I thought the earphones were rather cheezy. I swapped them out with some high-end Koss phones which I like. So as an iPod owner, I don’t get the whole “white headphone” thing at all. I really don’t care what people think I’m listening to.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Idiotic is more like it...

I’m thinking its less about what they are listening to, and less about how good it sounds and a lot more about:

“Wow! Look at ME, I’m COOL..I’ve got an iPod!!!”

Which pretty much sums up ALL of Apple’s marketing strategy since the iMacs came out.

The subtext:
“Pay no attention to what our stuff actually does..only how cool it looks”

False Prophet says:


It’s a walkman, folks. If you are going to blow $500 on a walkman, that pretty much proves you’re a mouth-breather, right up front. If you HAVE to flaunt them, you deserve to have your toys taken away.
“But I can carry all my music!”
Shut up. It’s a walkman.
“But I look REALLY cool!”
Shut up. It’s a walkman.
Bloody thing looks like a pack of generic cigarettes, anyway…
My $500 is going for a new vidcard and HDD. Ah…something USEFUL.

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