Toshiba To Use 802.11a For Connecting Consumer Electronics

Remember 802.11a? The mostly forgotten form of WiFi that people stopped talking about once 802.11g showed up. Well, it turns out it might have some uses after all. Toshiba and startup Adimos are set to announce plans to use its 802.11a-based technology for connecting TV set top boxes without any wires. While some have been concerned about 802.11a’s range, it sounds like that shouldn’t be a problem. This doesn’t sound like a solution targeted towards bouncing video around the house – but just so that people don’t need to spend hours plugging in various wires between all the boxes on their TV. They also think .11a will be better due to the lack of interference from so many other technologies using the 2.4GHz spectrum instead of .11a’s 5GHz spectrum.

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