Ambulance Chasers Dig Through Databases

from the virtual-ambulance-chasing dept

Why chase ambulances, when the ambulances come to you online? It turns out that ambulance chasing lawyers have found a much more effective method of going after clients: they have local sheriffs email them a daily list of who’s been arrested – including their home addresses. Some services even promise to send out letters based on the list within hours of receiving it. People who are arrested are likely to find a stack of letters from lawyers wanting their business – often targeted directly to their alleged crime – within days. In one case described in the article, lawyers were informed (and had mailed out solicitations) two days before a young man’s parents were notified he’d been arrested. Of course, the information on arrest records are public, but some are wondering if the direct mailing of such info to lawyers really makes sense. The lawyers, of course, respond that they’re only trying to get those arrested the best possible help.

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Comments on “Ambulance Chasers Dig Through Databases”

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Kathy says:

list of scum lawyers

I need a list of these type scum lawyers. How do I get a list. My son was involved in accident in the rain he tried to avoid the accident and that is evident in the accident report because his car was steered to the left to avoid the other car but he still ended up hitting the vehicle(road was wet & slippery at the time). My son saw given a careless driving ticket in any case. The other driver walked away from the accident with no help and was fine didn’t want anyone called she said her back hurt from the jolt (she is 62 yrs old)and drove away from the accident in her car. The insurance totaled her vehicle and now is asking for $100,000. for our insurance. Both we and the insurance believe the Dr’s bills are stacked up. She had a pre-existing condition with her back and degenerative disk problems that yes were agreivated by the accident but not $100,000. worth. This will ruin my son for insurance for years. I am just curious if this is one of those blood sucking lawyers how do I find out?

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