Yahoo And Their Use Of Billboards…

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Billboards are pretty straightforward, usually. You don’t generally expect all that much innovation in billboard advertising. Sure, there are now video billboards, and there are always the more creative billboards with funky designs, but Yahoo is really getting into the idea of interactive billboards. Earlier this year, they had their bizarre meet someone at Yahoo personals and go on a date on a billboard (and the meant, literally, the date occurred on the billboard). Now, Mobiletracker has found a story about Yahoo’s latest billboard in Times Square that is displaying a video game – that anyone can play via their mobile phone. So, if you happen to be wandering through Times Square, you can call up an 800 number, and wait until they say it’s your turn. Then you control one of two cars in a racing game, using the #2 button to speed up, and the #8 button to slow down. If others are calling in, you race against them. Otherwise, you just race against the computer. As they point out, it doesn’t require any fancy new mobile phone, as it’s just using the number pad.

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