The Emergency Broadcatching System

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Ernest Miller writes “The combination of RSS + BitTorrent promises to be a powerful one, as Techdirt has discussed previously. Getting from present technology to this broadcatching future may take awhile. However, Ernest Miller has put forth an interesting concept that might speed adoption. The idea is that with TiVo emergency RSS feeds can be overlayed on traditional television displays to quickly distribute information to the public. He calls it RSSTV Emergency Broadcatching System.”

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Comments on “The Emergency Broadcatching System”

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Charles W. says:

TV Station wasn't hacked

The link you supplied to the news screen shots didn’t have any story on how they did it, but if I remember right they didn’t hack anything. The TV station had a form you could fill out on their website to have stuff posted to the bottom for store closing, school closings, etc. Nobody bothered to screen the entries. So everything they entered on the form was broadcast on TV.

-Charles W.

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