Lots Going On In Domain Names

from the never-a-dull.com-moment dept

While we mentioned this a few months ago, it appears that domain name sales are, once again, a lucrative business. Many dictionary word dot coms are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a few going over the million dollar mark. Of course, the biggest success stories in domain name speculation seems to be for those who run porn sites. The next question, though, is whether anyone who actually buys these domains will end up making money with them. It appears that, even as ICANN looks to expand top level domains, once again, “.com” is still the high rent district. Of course, even if there are more top level domains, that still won’t stop various legal battles occurring over domain names. In the latest NY Times Magazine, James Gleick has a wonderfully written piece looking at the problems when lawyers and namespaces collide – with particular attention being paid to domain name fights.

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